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Search Help

The "Search Rental Listings" form conveniently appears on every page to provide a powerful tool for our customers to locate and apply for our inventory of current rental properties. The key to success using our search tool is understanding what the different fields mean.

The LOCATION field allows you to select the desired city for your search. This field also includes what we call "locally known" geographic areas within a city. An example of this would be the Northdale area which is not a city.

The SUBDIVISION field allows you to enter a particular subdivision within our listing area.

The ZIP CODE field allows you to enter a zip code which will limit your search to only properties falling within a particular zip code boundary.

From the above 3 fields you may only select one. Searching by location allows the broadest search. Searching by zip code will likely provide the narrowest search.

The remaining fields on the search form allow a PRICE RANGE to be specified, as well as the number of BEDROOMS and BATHS. These fields will be combined with one of the above 3 fields (location, subdivision or zip code). Any available rental properties that match ALL of the criteria will be returned.

If your search returns no results try broadening your parameters.